Solar Arts by Chow Girls

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Steeped in historic details, Chowgirls at Solar Arts is like no other venue youíll experience in the Twin Cities and features novelties that tell a delicious story. As you enter the building, youíll be greeted by the rich smell of hops that will leave you hankering for a pint. Enjoy a short trip in the elevator, wrapped in an image of the North Shore skyline at night. As the doors open on the third floor, youíll be embraced by the warm and intimate loft-like space of Chowgirls at Solar Arts, featuring natural light, hard wood floors, wooden beams, and exposed brick walls. To the left youíll find a gorgeous bar crafted by a local artist and finished with reclaimed wood from the Harley Davidson plant in Milwaukee. Follow the wall-to-wall windows and youíll view a historic boilerplate door resting grandly in the corner. To the right is the Duluth Room, a floor-to-ceiling glass-enclosed space featuring an original boardroom table from the Duluth Railroad Company and a decadent, hand-carved antique sideboard from Johnny Cashís estate.

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